Forget justice for Sushant, we are unable to give him peace .

It’s about 5 months now for Sushant Singh’s deaths. Was it suicide or murder? That was the original talking point, which has now traveled a long way from nepotism to murder, murder to money laundering, to black magic, to influencing him under drugs. All sorts of theories have been put-forward. Unfortunately he died ones, butContinue reading “Forget justice for Sushant, we are unable to give him peace .”

Nationalism used for party interest.

Nationalism has become a tool to silence anyone who question the legitimacy of the establishment , on its failure , its lack of respect for institution and crimes for which an apology is due. Idea of practicing democracy is questioning the authority and demanding appropriate answer’s but it’s equally needed that citizens cooperate with theContinue reading “Nationalism used for party interest.”

Duty of student’s

                                         With protest happing every other week , students boycotting exams , not accepting authority of administration in recent years the question arise what is the priority for any student is a country where more than 50% of the population is young , should they solely be concerned on their careers or participate inContinue reading “Duty of student’s”

“Jana Gana Mana”

                                                   If you are born in late 90s or in the 21 century the chances are high that you will be among the many who will feel immense pride on 2047 15 August as we hit our 100th year, a complete century, of freedom, of sovereign rule on the entire southern land of Himalayas .Continue reading ““Jana Gana Mana””

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