Forget justice for Sushant, we are unable to give him peace .

It’s about 5 months now for Sushant Singh’s deaths. Was it suicide or murder? That was the original talking point, which has now traveled a long way from nepotism to murder, murder to money laundering, to black magic, to influencing him under drugs. All sorts of theories have been put-forward. Unfortunately he died ones, but people killed him hundred times
Can it be justified to threaten any women or man in the name of justice for the dead, on the bases of circumstantial evidence or hersay? The media has surrender all ethical standards of professional courtesy, scrutiny or give the accused the benefit of doubt. Rather, the media has gone out for witch-hunt
While reading previous sentence you may have believed that my support is for Rhea, I’ll tell you what this case is simply a study of how to manipulate the people for politics. For many, its tea time gossip, for some, a matter of reginal pride and for others a subject of big egos.
The public is dangerously polarised, some are fighting for justice, the same way they fought for Aarushi Talwar or Jessica Lal. And others are even fighting for the unspoken victims who were ignored by media.

People saw Sushant’s case in the same light of the powerful elite crashing the powerless and innocent. The only major difference this time was, we are witnessing a global lockdown in which we have nothing else to do than to watch TV and allow it to manipulate us in thinking and reacting to what is important and what’s not in our control.
The reality is, once people are bored and depressed they want something to clinched upon and are frustrated to listen the stories of oppressed, now they want to fight back even at the cost of becoming the oppressor.

The typical reaction by a section of people is why the media is not paying attention to asking ‘why are the famers and students committing suicide? Why don’t we demand the central government to check on the downfall of the GDP? which has been falling for the last 2 years much before Corona pandemic. This is a lobby of people who question only when they don’t have anything else to argue on, did we ever cared enough for these issue before, that we are asking the media to care about it now.

We, who question about farmers and students death are the same type of people who ask for justice in SSR’s case only up to the point of sensation.
Plus, why should any media network listen to you? What are you ?who are you ? if you don’t want to watch the news on SSR then change the channel or watch a movie, don’t tell the ‘haves’ what to do with their news channel’s and social media accounts. I mean it’s the most practical thing to go for and watch something else, we got other channels. You can literally buy an 8000-10,000rs smartphone with 300rs net-pack and browse through many free YouTube channels and web-portal for news and entertainment. Why debate who’s the real journalist Ravish or Arnab and what has these media house done to our society, be it ‘The wire’ or ‘OpIndia’. You have the right to chose or not to, don’t blame, just act.

The reality is we don’t give a damn for farmers, students and others until our problems are the same as theirs, till then… ‘Sub change se’. The other thing to remember is the ‘backfire effect’ if we tell others that their beliefs are not true, and the other side is correct. Remember they give no damn to your facts. They have a belief which is inclined to their ideology and faith, why should one think other’s will abandon it, and follow your facts? You may Google search the term ‘backfire effect’ and even ‘confirmation bias.

Even my view on the subject has changed from ‘why don’t we focus on important issue’ to, why don’t I just turn the TV off and read something good. Why blame others for incompetence.

Anyways the republic of this country has been told to follow news on Sushant, Rhea and now Kangana. To distract us from common man’s problems. And not question the suicide by farmers and students which has reached to more than 300 according to some news reports while some even say it is up-to 600. Better to divert people’s attention to one death, which will only cause one government to fall and other to rise, some celebrities are using the situation to come back to attention while others are again fearing being labelled as anti-national if they raise a question. It’s not even important for the authorities to control people anymore, they themselves will call each other names.

With all this happening in the background, do we really care about justice for Sushant or is he just a past time now? Predominantly by media, let’s check.

Let us see the kind of media trail was going on, I am not against media trail as it has in the past help bring people to justice. ‘we the people’ have openly supported media trail it is even believed if media did not do it, everyone would have forgotten about Jessica in 1999 and 2012 Nirbhaya … this are just 2 of such case where media trail and public uproar was a way to bring justice .

But, In 2007 the same media has destroyed life of Uma Khurana, a mathematics teacher from Delhi, was accused of prostitution done through her school, the incident even lead to a mob beating her up, while all of this was based on fake news. Can we real trust the same media to bring Justice to Sushant?
We even have the recent case of Tabling Jamaat, in which the Bombay HC come down on media for using them as ‘scapegoat’ only to target Muslim community.
Zee news has been caught in a sting operation, and the now editor in chief has even went to jail for that.
Arnab Goswami was called out by Delhi HC in the matter of Sunanda Pushkar’s death when Arnab was accusing Dr.Shashi Tharoor as her murderer. The judge questioned Arnab was saying, “Were you at the spot? Are you an eyewitness There is some sanctity attached to the investigation.”…The judge added it was for the court of law to decide what was evidence in a criminal case’.
The same guy when he was in Times now in 2015 vehemently accused a young man, Sarvjeet Singh Bedi on charges of molestation, without strong evidence against him.

With such recent past of news channels can we really trust all the garbage which we are being fed on a daily base? In Sushants matter a number of accusation have been levied mostly on hersay or circumstantial evidence. While I agree some important questions are also valid.
Now with all of these imagine what could actual be going on with our minds…some people are literally brainwashing us, Images the kind of vilification one must feel when half the nation is against you, for what reason ?
I don’t know who is the criminal is Sushants case nor do I have the resources to find out.
The case is still not closed we still don’t know who killed whom , who sold what to whom or robbed, only time ,CBI and the court can tell us that.
Best the only important question for us is, what the hell is wrong with us and our media?

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