Nationalism used for party interest.

Nationalism has become a tool to silence anyone who question the legitimacy of the establishment , on its failure , its lack of respect for institution and crimes for which an apology is due.

Idea of practicing democracy is questioning the authority and demanding appropriate answer’s but it’s equally needed that citizens cooperate with the ruling government on primitive bases.

But the one in power has used this political error for their own benefits, its true no democracy can work without its people participating in all government policy while balancing the act of Q&A to the current government .Many consider the government has failed to establish transparency through bureaucracy.

Bureaucrats have earned their own status-quo of an arrogant elite, who are cut from the mainstream population, even accused of misusing his powers.

Now how does this happen in a sovereign power? You keep people fighting among themselves, their lack of education regarding politics help’s a lot. And then they use nationalism as a punchline and misuse it for their vested interest,than for the people  .They break nationalism into the same framework of religion .

Establishment build to pass on the values of constitution are protected through state machineries the spirit of nationalism and tri-flag motivates the citizen to unit, agitate and build a nation in one sprit , while holding together all it’s difference’s. They will use the armed forces for vested interest and use soldiers blood to create a free root to gain vote bank. Few ex-officers have suggested the possibility that government is using state officers for their political benefits and ill-disciplined and co-operating officers chose to work for the state rulers for mutual benefit .

Police, courts the army all such institution have been there since the monarchy left, one must remember what was the priority of this institution back they , to protect and serve queen and country and people of the land .In democracy our fore father and mothers, demand for and worked for institution which provide service to people and not to few tyrant powers . To do so all institution were democratise in some way or another. Freedom of speech was the focal point of such act, you cannot practice democracy if you believe the state alone.

The few in power exactly curtail this powers again today and have successful protected their crimes using nationalism a cloth to cover up their real anti-national elements .In all this only poor, the powerless and always the service men and women are exploited only because they’re stopped by their duty and loyalty to system as it was in the time of independence to many soldiers. It is up to students and citizen to come out of this bondage.               

Jai Hind,Jai Bharat

Nitish Chavan

Published by beingstudents

''Log kya Sochenge''? Ye bhi main hi Sochunga to log kya Sochenge ?

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