Duty of student’s


                  With protest happing every other week , students boycotting exams , not accepting authority of administration in recent years the question arise what is the priority for any student is a country where more than 50% of the population is young , should they solely be concerned on their careers or participate in functioning of their country’s democracy which they feel is under attack . There are a number of aspects regarding student movements , we can not forget how Indian political history has been shaped by mass student protest from times of Independence to cultural student protest for protection of “Jallikattu” to college campus protest which were every day thing back in 2015 from protest at FTII or JNU etc.

The most important duty as I see for any student is as a young student myself is the loyalty to ones land , loyalty to ones principle . We can’t be good students if we do not be in touch to the natural essence of reliable to any dictatorship from centre or state or any religious thugs , no young chap is going to permit anyone walk over them.

But the sprit of young can not lay only in its rebellious tendency but also in its merit or principle to form a better world . Students must not copy  authoritarian  thug -ship similar to their counter-parts .The sprit of a young student must lay in his ability to discuss any issues frivolously and acquire to inevitability of being wrong .

Young must reject fundamentalism of any kind , from revolutions to religious any fundamentalism is good enough to be thrown away . The student icon “Shahid Bhagat Singh” gave a simple but valid  description of what revolution is , revolution is spirit and not simple over throwing of governments ruled and nurtured by tyrants, “The old order should be changed by the new, so no good order may corrupt the world” .The lethargic spirt is what needs to be changed and challenged , not merely governments, parties , faces of mortal men .

Aspects of students duty

1 Maintain Spirt of the youth

2 Challenge the mighty

3 Loyalty to the land

4 And Uplift the “right’ ( righteous ) by merit and principle

5 First duty of every student is to study

                                                                                                  Jai Hind,Jai Bharat

  – Nitish Chavan

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