“Jana Gana Mana”

                                                   If you are born in late 90s or in the 21 century the chances are high that you will be among the many who will feel immense pride on 2047 15 August as we hit our 100th year, a complete century, of freedom, of sovereign rule on the entire southern land of Himalayas . You and I will be experiencing something our fore fathers dreamed of, a free Indian nation state . But, that’s 28 years more to go,so for now lets just stay alive for the time being .

Now let’s start dreaming about what are we going to do on that day, everyone’s going to wake up early and get dressed in so called traditional clothes, go out on streets sings song , dance scream out slogans of ignites the national spirit . One thing for sure we will do , is sing the immortal anthem of Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak Jaya he .. created by India’s first (recipient) of noble price, the great Rabindranath Tagore . On Dec 1911, the song was first song at congress session in kolkata  by Tagore’s niece Sarla Devichowdhurani .

Tagore must have never thought what will follow in coming years , how for many people would blame him and call him  a traitor and follower of the British Crown , a lie which is still used by some to demolish Tagore’s legacy.

What really happened was, on 26 December 1911 at Congress session in Kolkata which started on 26th, was followed by Tagore’s poem later turned into song “Bharat Bhagay Vidhata” of which “Jana Gana Adhinayak” is the first part of the 5 stanza’s of was performed on 27th December at the same place King George 5th had come . On the next day 28th December, The Engalish Man newspaper said that Tagore had sang a patriotic song in respect to King George the 5th, and had considered him as the ruler (adhinayak) of India . Many such speculation were made against Tagore, which he at that point he choose not to respond , who knows for what reason . But on 1937 he wrote a letter to his friend explaining his stand on the controversy related to the song, that he never referred king George the 5th,6th or anyone as the ruler of India, but had referred the song to God as the ruler( adhinayak) of  India’s destiny .

Many things have been said after this clarification also, that Tagore was a slave to the British crown and not a true Indian and accepted knighthood by the British and noble price , one of the resent such conspiracy theory was also given by former Supreme court Justice Markandey Katju in 2015 . But one thing which is similar to all the conspiracy theory is that non has provide good enough evidence to prove the claim that Jana Gana was performed in favour or the British other than using circumstantial evidence and mis-quotation of the song . Till to date there is no clarity of this topic, though after the massacre at Jallianwala bagh, Tagore had returned his Knighthood  to Britain  as a form of protest to the inhuman act . Now some like to say why did he not returned the crown, the main reason could be, that he never received the noble price from British but from the Norwegian  government or more accurately The Swedish Academy, for his poetic work of Gitanjali, which Tagore had also translated into English making it accessible  to the western world . It was even said that part of Gitanjali was also in respect to the British.

None of this claims were ever proved according to my readings , then why are few people still trying to sabotage the legacy of Tagore, according to me, Tagore was in his time was one of the people who worked towards freeing the human mind of any slavery and promote any attitude of liberal thinking , in which everything must be questioned including nationalism , on which Tagore have written on and even had debates with Gandhiji . Tagore’s liberal , free thinking attitude is not good for the people of India, as the moment people think for themselves as to what is right and what is wrong, how are the few powerful going to control you . So the plan is just maligned the image of any great Indian who have protected and promoted the ethos of ‘ what can and should be of India’ has been and will be attacked ,it is up to us , the new generation of Indian’s who must protect the work of great leaders and also critically question , assess work of everyone, no matter how great they are and use the greatest power of democracy, which is the power of dialogue and tolerance and truth .

Let us remember Jana Gana was also considered as should be the national anthem of India in the year 1942 by none other than Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, which he altered a bit to give Jana Gana a martial tune to encourage soldiers of Azad Hind Sena .

This song today is free India’s national anthem , considered as world best anthem must be protected along with its created Shri Rabindranath Tagore.

                                                                                                                                                                  Jai hind , Jai Bharat

                                                                                                                                                                           -Nitish Chavan

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